First Listen – Of Montreal “FALSe pRIEST”


Strange stuff here in this new “Bowiesque” album by “Of Montreal” which I’ll get to in one minute.  I’ve been thinking about the demise of PASTE Magazine and if their downfall was partly due to them starting with positive “signs of life” and mostly family friendly output and finally ending their run with articles such as the morally perplexing conversation with actress, Tilda Swinton.  Signs of art, creativity and pushing diverse boundaries, most definitely!   Are we doing the same herein at Heroes of Indie Music?  Could one make the same case against this blog about coverage about “Of Montreal?”  Yes sir!  I do enjoy the creativity of this new release, but also consider that if you are looking for good positive family values, look elsewhere.  That said, here is hoping that more artists of differing moral and ethical stripes would consider creating art that is captivating and unique, but also take it a step further by adding thoughtful and maybe edifying lyrics that go far beyond “dry humping” and ambiguous musings on suicide.  Feel free to turn up the volume and make your own judgement as to the value of this crazy strange and possibly wonderful music.

Of Montreal – Enemy Gene

Of Montreal – Casualty Of You

From NPR: What Brion and Barnes came up with is satisfying and truly original. Even when Barnes sings about depression and suicide (which he does a lot), he makes it sound joyful, with incredibly infectious dance beats and melodies. It might be challenging for anyone susceptible to sensory overload. But it’s also one of the most compelling and rewarding records you’ll hear this year.

False Priest will stream here in its entirety until its release on Sept. 14. Please leave your thoughts on the album in the comments section below.

Listen at NPR:

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