Bazile – Not Your Aunt Daisy’s Music

Gentle piano, peaceful country rooted vibe and truly unique words and voice.  This music is MUST TRY for Friday.

Hey, it is Friday!  Let’s Celebrate with Bazile!  

Bazile – Hi-Fi

Bazile – Atlantis

To record Professor Narducci, Bazile teamed up with Alabama-based engineer/co-producer, Ben Tanner. The partners in crime spent nearly two years working on the album. Their deliberate working style and musical rapport, which they first formed in Memphis as members of Daryl Strawberry’s New Drug, is evident on the 54-minute concept album. The end result of the production duo’s labor is a captivating ambiance that transcends the melancholy, anger and elation that are expressed throughout the album.

~ by castleqwayr on September 3, 2010.

One Response to “Bazile – Not Your Aunt Daisy’s Music”

  1. Piano? I’m not hearing any piano… maybe you meant soothing guitar? Like it!

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