Lonely Drifter Karen – Fall Of Spring “Seasonal Drifts And Colorful Contrasts”

This feels like a French movie from the 50’s or 60’s with the requisite young, bright-eyed and beautiful single woman who meets the dashing sports car driving 30 something male. While  eagerly pursuing this love interest, he is shackled emotionally to his partially invalid mother who is both bitter and endlessly demanding of his time and attention.  Do they poison said mother or find her a helpful gentleman to provide companionship and care? Stay tuned!

Cinematic, female vocal driven, joyful snapshots to brighten an open-topped drive through the countryside on a fair Spring day.

Lonely Drifter Karen – A Roof Somewhere


Lonely Drifter Karen was born from the union of three people with very different geographical and musical backgrounds (from folk and rock to cabaret, experimental, classical, indie pop & more). Started as a solo project by Viennese-born Tanja Frinta while she was living in Sweden, LDK became a band when Tanja moved to Barcelona and met Italian drummer Giorgio Menossi and Mallorcan keyboard player and arranger Marc Meliá Sobrevias. Their sparkling debut album Grass Is Singing was released in 2008 to wide acclaim, and drove Lonely Drifter Karen to perform all around Europe. True to their drifter spirit, Tanja and Marc have now relocated to Brussels, while Giorgio still lives on the sunny shores of the Mediterranean. Fall Of Spring, their second album, is due for US release in the fall of 2010.


~ by castleqwayr on August 25, 2010.

2 Responses to “Lonely Drifter Karen – Fall Of Spring “Seasonal Drifts And Colorful Contrasts””

  1. Awesome! Nice Article.
    Very informable. Keep up the good work!

  2. love their songs
    and what a gorgeous picture that is

    btw your blog is awesome!

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