Dabbles In Bloom – Finally, Found It

Dabbles In Bloom – Found It

Dabbles In Bloom – Wrong

Happy songs, island rhythms and inflections from the Iberian peninsula; this and much more one will discover on “Found It.”   Most of the tunes are fairly simple in composition and the poppier/peppier tunes are the not the strongest—to these ears—both in vox and structure.  Oh, but don’t misunderstand, these folks have a gift they have unleashed.  The songs that grip me and cause me to smile are the slower numbers, best typified in Found It and Wrong.  These are gentle yet with a lyrical force that draws me in and holds me under.  Would that all the songs were such as these; but where would the mix and diversity be of this disc?  I hope these musicians continue their course (and courses) and bring more of these quieter romances to their adoring fans; and yes, throw in the grander numbers here-and-there.


~ by castleqwayr on August 20, 2010.

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