Moonshine Hooligans – Subterranean Secrets

Well and good; the secret is out of the bag, bog, pond or what-have-you.  These Hooligans have not imbibed to the degree that they were rendered helpless to put on their morning jackets and create a unique musical odyssey.  They do have a flavor of My Morning Jacket, but they have their own vibe and language.  They have the mentioned styles [see below] and even some Little Feet or is that Blind Faith, but even on this early outing, are charting their destinies on Subterranean Secrets

Moonshine Hooligans – Arcadia

Moonshine Hooligans – Final Story of the Night

Our band Moonshine Hooligans is set to release our debut album on October 26th. We’re based in Charlottesville, Virginia and we play a mix of Indie, Psych-Folk, Shoegaze, etc with many other styles and sounds thrown in. Quite a melting pot.

There are selections from this release on the MySpace player but you can hear the entire album streaming in high-quality audio at:

~ by castleqwayr on August 19, 2010.

One Response to “Moonshine Hooligans – Subterranean Secrets”

  1. Sounds good on the first listen. I like the vocals a lot. The music is a bit on the Bluegrass side. Not bad, just not what I think of when I hear Shoegaze and MMJ emntioned. The cover art is interesting too. Who did it?

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