Ra Ra Riot: “The Orchard” Listening Party

Nearing the “presence”—if not the wildness of Arcade Fire—and the vocal flavor of Anathallo, I am enjoying this the latest Riot.  No cars overturned, buildings looted or police officers assaulted in this outing.  This tasty menage is, however, poised for larger venues with either a chamber or full orchestra backing: like Sufjan Stevens’ larger performances. A collaboration with the BQE road crew would turn the indie/alt music world on its bemused and collective head.

Ra Ra Riot – Boy

From NPR.ORG – The Orchard‘s 10 songs positively burst with sophistication, precision and polish. They add up to a record that feels both big and personal — just the right recipe for a band looking to jump to arenas in the months and years to come. Hear the album in its entirety until its release on Aug. 24.


~ by castleqwayr on August 16, 2010.

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