A bit of happy female pop goodness for your weekend listening. Hey, its been a tough two months so I need some buoyancy! She tours with Ingrid Michaelson and is also making  her own groove. 

Bess Rogers Come Home Edit from New EP

Bess Rogers – Yellow Bird

Yes! A new EP! BESS ROGERS PRESENTS BESS ROGERS is finished, and I will be releasing it on TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 7, with online sales through my website, as well as download sales through iTunes, and the usual suspects. The single from the EP is the song “Come Home” which you can sample on my FACEBOOK [2] and MYSPACE [3] [Track #6 – MySpace wouldn’t let me re-order the songs] pages. I’m really happy with how the EP came out and look forward to you hearing it! As mentioned, come August it will be available for pre-sale through my website.

With the release of the new EP I will also be hitting the road September 7 – October 7 playing mostly east of the Mississippi. I hope to get out west in November.

As for now, I am on the road again with Ingrid Michaelson as she plays some headlining dates, a few Lilith Fair shows, and then joins Keane for some dates into August. If you came to her show please say hello! Check the dates below for the latest.

And, in conclusion, a reminder for my video of “I Don’t Worry” [5], which was the featured video on the YAHOO MUSIC page a few weeks back. I’m still hanging in there on Page 5 [6] along with Ozzy Osbourne, Shakira, the Gorillaz and Little Big Town. The internet is crazy!! If you haven’t seen the video yet please check it out and share it with your friends. I’m hoping to get at least as many views as Crazy Double Rainbow Guy [7].

Thanks you guys!!!


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2 Responses to “bess rogers PRESENTS BESS ROGERS”

  1. Bess’ official guitar tabs (including Yellowbird and I Don’t Worry) are now available at our new indie sheet music store… We heart Bess, too.

  2. Nice for me….thanks for share

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