Grubby Little Hands – Imaginary Friends

Hey, I won a free Michelob Ultra Trail Bike which I picked up with my daughter today.  I hear Lance Armstrong had some kinda endorsement deal with them. “Drink Up Kids and you will be awesome like me!”  Just kidding.  Cool bike though.  Hey since I’ve got my grubby little hands on a new ride, the least you can do is grab hold of some free tunes from self-same band (see link below).  They use many “found” sounds which they loop with simple guitar and vocals that paint a sun-bathed dreamscape.  Trippy stuff and you don’t need said beverage or other depressant to enter this wakeful coma.  Lance may not provide this endorsement, but this reviewer does and hopes “Grubby Little Hands” will stay unwashed long enough to continue honing their obvious talent.

Grubby Little Hands – Irene, Better Watch Where You Sit

Grubby Little Hands – Twelve Tones, Two Windows

Grubby Little Hands – Feel In My Back

(Free Downloads on Their Virb Page)

irene, better watch where you sit

you’re fast and cozy right between the devil and the deep blue sea
i know you’ll never ever give into inevitable decay
words bleed through napkins passing spills and soaking up lines
a candy coated sentiment used as a floatation device
let’s go driving around
a sepia tone day
let’s go spiraling down
on autumn holiday
we sleep in boxes resting upon stilts that keep us dry
come make me over show me how to sound out words that fit and rhyme
i know i’ll always indecisively swim back and forth across your eyes
afloat, no destination, to and fro as tides descend and rise
let’s go driving around
a sepia tone day
let’s go spiraling down
on autumn holiday

~ by castleqwayr on August 10, 2010.

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  1. Wonderful Blog Post. Very interesting and informative.

    Minds Of Touch

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