Radical Face Vs. Ben Cooper Vs. Electric President Vs. . . .


Ben Cooper has created music and graphic art since about 2000:

Electric President is a Jacksonville, Florida musical duo started in 2003 by Ben Cooper and Alex Kane. Both were in Helicopter Project prior to its break up though no music from this group was ever released. Afterwards the pair decided to continue to make music together. They subsequently completed three albums in six months. Ben Cooper is also a member of Radical Face (Formerly known as Radical Face Versus Phalex Sledgehammer), Iron Orchestra, and Mother’s Basement. The Electric President tracks and most of Ben Coopers projects are recorded in a tool shed in back of his house that he has converted into a sort of recording studio. From Wiki  From Wiki

Now he has unveiled his “Radical Face”—once again— for all to behold with the new album “Touch The Sky”.  While somewhat divergent from his earliest work, there is still a gentle yet surging majesty to these six new tunes that must be first felt and then mindfully and aurally digested to complete your immersion process.  While baptism is generally a Christian concept, it extends to the arts and for me, most forms of Indie music. You first dip your toe in and consider the flow, temperature and clarity of the water.  Now you’re up to your ankles and you must decide whether to subject and submit completely to it, stand there indecisive (as usual), or get out and not look back. 

Just be brave and dip that big toe of your right foot in . . . .the water will do the rest . . . see you down stream.

Radical Face – Doorways

Radical Face – Glory

Unkle Stiltskin – Choking On Metaphors

Electric President – Ten Thousand Lines

You can Freely download a ton of Ben Cooper songs at:


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