Clotworthy – Does Not Suck!

Andrew Clotworthy is another rising HERO of the kind I love to spotlight.  He has passion and an excess of talent with a desire to create music that both expresses his heart and soul but also a clear vision of where his life is now and where it just might be heading.  These are mostly mid-tempo, fully instrumented mini-autobiographical reflections.  They appear to be mostly the work of Mr. Clotworthy; but please don’t let that detract from your enjoyment of their worthiness.  Check out his website and Facebook page and show this artist some love by downloading his tracks today.

Clotworthy – I Suck

Clotworthy – Up In The Sky

I’m a singer-songwriter from Philadelphia, PA. I’ve spent the past five years recording songs in my bedroom with a laptop, a guitar, and a keyboard, playing the occasional show. I have a deep passion for songwriting, which stems from listening to a lot of Brian Wilson and the Beach Boys, who have some of the best songwriting I’ve ever heard.

My first official release is an 8-track EP titled “Clotworthy Sucks”. The reason for such a self-deprecating title comes from the fact that the songs were recorded at a period of deep doubt for my future in music. Most of the songs on the EP reflect that concept lyrically. It can be purchased here for only $2.50:

For more information about my music, check out my fan page at

~ by castleqwayr on August 1, 2010.

One Response to “Clotworthy – Does Not Suck!”

  1. I love Clothworthy’s music! It’s so refreshing and fun in a down-to-earth kind of way. I find myself constantly pushing repeat on his album.

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