Steel Train ======= Long Overdue


Here is part of a post that comes close to my thoughts on Steel Train.  Read the rest here:

Trying to pigeonhole them is a mistake, though: Over the last five years, Steel Train have finally come into their own, with their most recent self-released, self-titled record nothing if not a statement of indie-ified, heartfelt purpose. That increased passion carried over to their show at the barely half-full El Rey on Tuesday night (a potentially ill-advised jump forward for the usually Roxy-sized band, even one that played Coachella in April). Their spirit served their underdog status extraordinarily well, thanks to a youthful crowd ready to sing along with “hey hey heys” and pump their fist to each drum blast (if you’re thinking the Hold Steady for those raised on Jimmy Eat World, you’re not far off).

Steel Train – Behavior

Steel Train – Dakota (Live)

Steel Train – You And I Undercover (Live)

Free Concert Download from Daytrotter 2007

Free Concert Download from Daytrotter 2010

Merch from the Band @their Website

Pristine 180-gram 12″ vinyl in either red or blue splattered form and complete digital download of Steel Train in your choice of DRM-free 320kps MP3 or Apple Lossless files

  • Four lyric sheets with 16 exclusive photos from our very own Daniel Silbert and Lindsey Byrnes
  • Exclusive download of Terrible Thrills Vol. 1 available immediately
  • Shipments with 12″ vinyl start on July 8th, 2010.


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