Lee Butcher – All in Good Time

Last Wednesday was my day off from the normal joy of work.  First listen that day to Lee Butcher’s new album “All In Good Time” was promising and convinced me to make a post and review.  Now I have some random thoughts.  There are three or more tunes that have that Kansas organ sound from the late 70’s.  Now don’t let that scare you non prog-heads!  Kansas was more than less the alternative and often acoustic counter-weight to groups such as Boston, Styx, Tull, Gentle Giant and Yes.  Mr. Butcher’s music is not really prog, but does make an apparent nod to the genre as well as classic rock and even grunge and metal.  His vox while not unlike Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam, is his own and adds an awesome punctuation to these hard rocking manifestos.   

Lee Butcher – He

Lee Butcher – The Kid

Playing guitar recreationally in his teens, it wasn’t until he moved from Virginia to Los Angeles for screenwriting that Lee fell in love with the art of songwriting. Lee joined the group that later would be the hard rock band OBLIQUE and cut his teeth in the Los Angeles music scene playing venues such as the Whisky A-Go-Go and The Viper Room. After the band decided to go their separate ways, Lee went into the studio and began recording his debut album All in Good Time. Ranging from the folk duet “The Acrobat”, to the rock ballad “Brook Lang”, the Doors influenced “Hey”, to the ethereal sounds of “Hope,” All in Good Time showcases the diversity of Lee’s writing skills while retaining a unified sound. With influences as broad as Tool, Robert Plant & Allison Krauss, and Muddy Waters, Lee combines the dark and soulful into his own style of alternative rock.



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~ by castleqwayr on July 15, 2010.

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