Admiral Radley: ‘I Heart California’ Review

Slow-Core, Sleep-Vibe, Drone-Mope.  Many strong tunes here and it does hang together as almost a concept piece.  Not sure what the concept is as the lyrics are the weakest link.  The music is all good and seems to be fuzzed down to a middle volume level.  The song “All F***** Up On Beer” is just plain unnecessary. We don’t need any more vapid lyrics and I don’t need to repeat this particular profanity to the point of misery and exhaustion.  Hey, don’t try to desensitize me to vulgarity; it’s hard enough for me to keep my speech positive and only say those things that will benefit others.  Do I like this synthesized album that moves along at a dream state?  I think I do.  The lyrics should have been notched up about eight times as they seem to be mostly an afterthought to the artists. The whole might have been better crafted as an instrumental work with maybe a cool mini graphic novel enclosed. 

Admiral Radley – I Heart California

Hear the complete album now until release here:

An older Hero Post here:

~ by castleqwayr on July 12, 2010.

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