The Choir – “Mr. Chandler, you’ve got a fraudulent ticket,”

Tim Chandler in the Middle

Love this song by the Choir.  There seems to be a true story behind it:

 “Mr. Chandler” is a little masterpiece, a song about Tim’s run-in with airport security after fixing a typo on his ticket. The lyrics are satisfied with just telling this tale, not giving it extra significance, but the music is a dark and glorious crawl, dripping with import. When Daugherty sings “Mr. Chandler, you’ve got a fraudulent ticket,” it’s surprisingly scary. From Tuesday Morning 3 a.m.

A portion of the lyrics from “Mr. Chandler”

Listen Here:

(People don’t travel with pens anymore)

Now I must have a word with Mr. Chandler

Your ticket has been modified, Mr. Chandler

The K has been changed crudely to a T

It is my obligation, my responsiblity

Kim could be your wife; she could be your sister

Such is my life

I must inform you Mister Chandler

You’ve got a fraudulent ticket

Go to to read the rest


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