Pocket Vinyl – Protagonist


Piano driven soundtracks with occasional orchestration and lyrics of longing and heart-on-the-sleeve emoting.  There is a driving forward and a swirl of drums and synthesized cymbals all to punctuate the whole.  These are songs where you want to print the lyrics and spend time with, as you would an emotional journal entry from an absent loved one.   

Pocket Vinyl – Savior Dream

Pocket Vinyl – The Fight


Pocket Vinyl is a melodic wreck between a piano and a hammer.

Pocket Vinyl (formerly “The Series”) is an aspiring piano-based rock band coming out of western New York.  Centered around the unique piano slamming of Eric Stevenson, Pocket Vinyl has had a rotating cast of members over the years.  Eric has been playing piano since he was a small child, curiously exploring the instrument from a young age.  Starting in 2004, he found Pocket Vinyl and has spent hours upon hours in the studio with friends recording many hours worth of material.  His craft has been fine tuned and continues to grow in fascinating directions.  He’s been gathering influences from all over the place, taking hints from Ben Folds Five to Arcade Fire, Bright Eyes to Tom Waits.  Whether Pocket Vinyl is a full band or a solo act, the stage is always filled with passionate yelps, miles of energy, and a man pressing his fingers down on a piano much harder than he probably should.  Another very intriguing characteristic about Pocket Vinyl is their 2010 live show, which features a live on-stage artist, creating a painting while the music is being played.  The anticipated sophomore release “Protagonist” was released on June 15, 2010, and is sure to open the eyes of many to a fresh and unique sound in the musical landscape.

Myspace: www.myspace.com/pocketvinylmusic

Facebook: www.facebook.com/pocketvinyl

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