The Innocence Mission – My Room In The Trees

My Room in the Trees - The Innocence Mission

A warm blanket on a cold February morning.   

Lullabies for weary, bruised and hurting ‘bigger’ children.   

Songs of beauty and joy from a very deep and possibly melancholy place.   

Oh how I love The Innocence Mission.  Since their first release to this I have been soothed and warmed by the chiming guitar lines and piano highlights.  Their songs speak to me where I have been, now am, and what God is giving as a glimpse of what is coming, what He has promised.    

This album does not have any peaks nor valleys; just quiet love spoken in poetry and melody to all who have ears to hear and a tender or broken heart open to joy, pure and simple.   


1. rain (setting out in the leaf boat) listen
2. the happy mondays free mp3 download
3. God is love free mp3 download
4. gentle the rain
5. spring
6. all the weather
7. rhode island
8. north american field song
9. mile-marker
10. the leaves lift high
11. i’d follow if i could
12. the melendys go abroad
13. shout for joy   

Thanks so much for your kind words about our new album being finished. Here is the cover, to the right, and the song list. The release date is July 13.   

So, two weeks ago we had the always hilarious, new album photo session. Being do-it-yourselfers to a fairly faulty degree, we had no real photographer to encourage seriousness, just a tripod. Karen had a hard time not laughing in every photo. The tripod remained silent. Here is one of the salvagable photos, below.   


We’ll be posting some things to listen to in the next week or so, and a few videos of live recordings. There is a new performance of “Song for Tom ” (from last week) here.    

Thank you, again. Peace be with you.   

-Karen, Don and Mike   

NPR Interview from 2005 with songs.  Download direct: Lullabies for All Ages 2-5-2005 (NPR)

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One Response to “The Innocence Mission – My Room In The Trees”

  1. ‘God is love’ has just enchanted me. This is one of those Karen’s melodies that always convince us for being sweet and surprises us for being unique, but simple.

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