sETTing Sun – Fantasurreal

From the driving beats of “Driving” with its caffeine induced face-slapping stay awake, to the Sufjanic horns of the next track, “Make you Feel,” these are easily among the most original sounds to awaken these ears in a long while.  Hey, even my tinnitus was buzzing with joyful abandon!  There is excellent playing with just enough keyboard wizardry here to keep things happy, light and gently orchestrated.  “I Love Mellotrons” alone could be worth the price of admission.  These band pix speak volumes to the creativity of Setting Sun.  Order your “hip-boots” along with this album and pray the oil slick stays off-shore, as to not sully the lady’s beautiful white boots! 

This is a very exciting week and I want to take a moment to share all the fresh happenings with you. First and foremost, ‘Fantasureal’ was just released on June 1st worldwide! This is a record that I feel is my best and most sonically adventurous work to date. The process felt very pure. It was recorded, mixed and produced in 6 months at the illustrious Young Love Studio in upstate New York by me, Gary Levitt (Hi Mom!).

Setting Sun – Driving
Setting Sun – Make You Feel

Although this was mainly a solo endeavor I had a lot of help and inspiration from friends such as Erica Quitzow who co-wrote ‘The Tree’ and played cello and violin on the record, Lawrence Roper, my touring synth player, co-wrote ‘Make You Feel’ and ‘Handsome Bride’, many peoples favorites on the record. Jen Turner of Here We Go Magic co-wrote ‘Into the Wire’ and played bass and sang on it.

This record represents a piece of my lifes work and I am extremely proud of it.
It’s very exciting to FINALLY be able to share this with you!
Here’s the first 2 songs from the record, though my personal favorites are near the end.
xoxo gl

~ by castleqwayr on June 15, 2010.

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