Wilson’s Reservoir – Take a Dip, Drink Deep

This feels like an 1830’s midwest folk medicine show soundtrack.  The vocal terror of “Bullets,” breaking violently from the heavens, echoes with the thunder of David Eugene Edwards of Sixteen Horsepower. The softer sound of “Blood” feels like that warm embrace from the father you thought had forsaken you; now only to show up beaten and bruised but beggin’ you, if not for forgiveness, recognition.  Get on the buckboard with Ben and his posse as they travel rutted tracks to a time of judgement, grace and wide-eyed clarity.  Sometimes we need a hard look back before we can find the path that has always been before us, hidden in the undergrowth, needing restoration.

Wilson’s Reservoir- Bullets    

WR BIO: The history of Wilson’s Reservoir runs deep. It begins at Benjamin’s childhood. The Name “Wilson’s Reservoir” comes from a time in his teens when his brother and he worked with his father to clear an area of forest in rural Georgia for a planned reservoir. The songs come from a lifetime of experience: coming of age, grappling with death, financial struggles, relationships both made & broken. They are about finding joy, hope, and love in a sometimes dark world. They are real and human.

After years of very separate experiences in culture, and genre Ben decided he wanted to do something different – something closer to home. During a winter of hardship, he put down his electric guitar and started writing songs. His goal was to create something timeless by embracing his roots while still exploring his influences of more recent years. He wanted to tell the story of his life and how he felt inside. This began as a grueling solo project, but was finally brought to light by the introduction of two of his friends who were strangers to each other.

Wilson’s Reservoir (self-titled)
Release Date is June 29

Read the rest of the Bio here: http://wilsonsreservoir.com/bio-2/


~ by castleqwayr on June 8, 2010.

2 Responses to “Wilson’s Reservoir – Take a Dip, Drink Deep”

  1. Wilson’s Reservoir. Where do I begin, hmm. Ben Wilson is my Nephew. Son of my Sister, Marcia Ellen Tucker and Daniel Wilson, who live outside of Goshen, Indiana on a country road. Maybe that is where Ben’s roots started to grow, out in the country, like
    in Georgia, North Carolina, Ireland and anywhere in the world
    that Ben’s Band Wilson’s Reservoir has been and will someday
    travel to. I believe that the more this young man lives and the more places he will go to will go along way to enhancing his music and his writing. Ben is a young man who has yet to tap
    into the full body of water that fills his Reservoir. Someday
    soon we will be privileged to see and hear the growth of
    someone who will become truely special to ” ALL ” of us around
    the world. I just hope and pray that I live long enough to see
    and hear it all. Go get’em son and have fun doin’ it. From
    your Uncle, David W. Tucker. May God Bless All There. Later.

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