The Dimes – “Everybody Knows Where They Were the Night the Fire Came”

Oh, how I wish that these lads had been my American history teachers back in the day growing up in Southern California.  The East coast—heck even Indiana—seemed like foreign lands with not quite relevant history.  The gentle and pleasing voice and the beautiful and slightly complex acoustic arrangements takes this passenger on a journey through our past.  A journey that can now be imagined.  The Dimes are your price of admission and willing tour guides.

The Dimes – Damrell’s Fire

The Dimes – Save Me Clara



Playfully titled, “The King Can Drink the Harbour Dry,” it’s no exaggeration to say The Dimes’ new record is a musical Cliffs Notes for an early American History class. A sonic adventure with influences ranging from Simon and Garfunkel to The Beatles’ White Album, it’s the distinct lyrical musings that set it apart from other folk-pop albums this year. Singer-songwriter Johnny Clay delivers a dramatic history lesson with a baroque assortment of instruments, sixties pop harmonies, and delightfully simple arrangements as though he’s channeling the spirits of people, places and events from early day Boston, Massachusetts.

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