Marit Larsen – Not Bubblegum, Just Sunshine

At Heroes, we feel that female artists are equally talented as their male cousins and therefore, deserve their due.  Though pop music is not often highlighted on these pages, we like to spotlight talent no matter.  Take a listen to these two songs from Ms. Larsen and you just may come away forgetting for a moment: the Gulf of Mexico, international chaos and your vanishing 401k.

About Marit Larsen/

Hello. My name is Marit Larsen and I compose pop music with no rules. My everyday life revolves around making my songs. I find songs everywhere. In between two words of a conversation. Waiting for the bus. Watching myself in the mirror wearing a good dress. Reading phenomenal books. Walking up the five flights of stairs to my apartment.

I’ve always been obsessed with music. Most of my memories, good and bad, have their own soundtrack (which is, by the way, by far the best thing about music). This is what does it for me: A song can remind you what it’s like being in love. It can even make you fall in love. The right song can mend you, break your heart, and, well, change your life.

I know there is a tremendously long list of songs that have changed mine. I’ll probably be struggling to write change-your-life-forever-tunes the rest of my life. I play the piano, the guitar and sometimes the mandolin. When I write, I usually use them all. To me, different instruments show me different paths in lyrics and melody. It works out well.

Marit Larsen – Only A Fool

Marit Larsen – If A Song Could Get Me You

It wasn’t until I was nineteen I decided to be a solo artist. A few years prior to that I was part of a duo that released records on a big American record label and travelled the world for four years. It was all absolutely overwhelming and exciting. I learned a lot.

Especially this: When I was constantly travelling, going from one place to the next, talking about myself so much I almost forgot who I was talking about, always thinking about tomorrow and never today – I almost stopped writing songs. It sounds vain, but I almost lost my music.

My first album “Under The Surface” was released in 2006 and my second, “The Chase”, in 2008. The album “If A Song Could Get Me You” is a compilation of both these albums, made as a “Marit Larsen for dummies” sort of thing, for territories where my music is just now being released for the very first time. After all, you only have one chance to make a first impression, and I’m proud of my older songs too.

I feel humble and privileged being able to compose and perform music for a living. As long as I have stories to tell, I will keep writing, and as long as I keep writing I will continue this surreal way of life.

I hope you enjoy my songs.

For more information and full bio, please visit

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