Hear: Blitzen Trapper – ‘Destroyer of the Void’

Blitzen Trapper – Dragon’s Song

Blitzen Trapper – Heaven And Earth

Blitzen Trapper doesn’t quite fit into the mold of its sleepy, frequently bearded folk-rock brethren. Sure, it employs a similar palette, but the Oregon group has undertaken wild and dramatic shifts from album to album, genre to genre and riff to riff.

Blitzen Trapper’s latest record, Destroyer of the Void, follows 2008’s Furr and 2006’s Wild Mountain Nation with another ambitious and stylistically diverse curveball. Where Furr seemed to find the balance between concise songcraft and experimentation, Destroyer adopts an “everything in” sensibility.

From the country-fried jams to sterling vocal harmonies that recall Fleet Foxes (by way of Crosby, Stills & Nash, of course), Blitzen Trapper packs in plenty of ideas, often within the same song. Still, the band finds a consistent voice in songwriter Eric Earley, who somehow holds it all together.

Read the rest of the strory and listen to the album now through June 8 @ 

Listen at NPR.ORG NOW

Free SXSW Blitzen Trapper Download from NPR

~ by castleqwayr on June 2, 2010.

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