Big Charlie – Bloomin’ Roses

Even though Heroes do not always win—rarely if the truth be told—we do our best and sometimes more than is wise.  Big Charlie is aiming for the sky and they are just getting to the starting block.
I’ve reviewed the three songs on the EP and Roses is by a long shot the strongest of the set.
The other songs did not grab me with the creativity of “Roses” which you may listen to at:
It has a sort of a “Mobbish-Franz F-Spy Thriller” vibe and does have true potential.
Heroes would like to see them develop further in this same vein on a full LP.

Here’s hoping that silly rabbit doesn’t blow their cover too soon.

Big Charlie are Matteo De Ruggieri & Stefano Milella. They get together all their sounds in an irreverent electro project that winks to Phoenix and Beck, not disdaining the electro sounds dictated by influences like Daft Punk and Justice. All is deftly mixed together with recalls of the out-of-hand and crazy bebop rhythm.

The Back Side of Big CHarlie's Yet to be Released EP

 Big Charlie’s
Official –
Myspace –

~ by castleqwayr on May 31, 2010.

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