Footsteps in Africa Soundtrack: Nomadic Remix


Just a quick Heroes note:  

Overall, I like the vibe of these remixes.  

For my tastes, they have a bit too much producer created DJ style beats—style over substance delima—that can overwhelm the inherent originality of this unique and intoxicating Saharan musical potpourri.   

Is it good?   


 Next time just a bit less knob twiddling and loop sampling and I’m fully committed.   

This sound lies behind filmmaker, producer, and former VJ Kathi von Koerber’s three-part exploration of the life, worldview, and creativity of the nomadic Tuareg peoples of the Sahara. Envisioned from the start as a feature-length documentary film and soundtrack, Footsteps in Africa (KiahKeya Productions; 2009) reveals the vibrant cultural life of the world’s most forbidding climate and is coming to select festivals across North America and the world in 2010. 

10. Hyena The PsyAmazigh Remix (Remixed by Cheb i Sabbah)  

4. Red Ladies Tent Jam (Kaya Project Remix) 


The sounds Von Koerber uncovered deep in the desert find new resonances on re-imagined tracks of Footsteps in Africa Soundtrack: Nomadic Remix (BFM Digital; April 22, 2010). Brought together by producer and conscious compiler Joshua Jacobs of Ambient Groove, DJs from across the planetary dance floor—from the ambient healing of Rara Avis to the worldly downtempo of the Kaya Project, from rising stars like DimmSummer to global remix icons like Cheb i Sabbah—explore the nature of the desert and its unexpectedly global nomadic denizens, with part of the profits going directly back to Tuareg communities. 

Kathi von Koerber Director, Filmmaker and Dancer.

Born in South Africa to German parents, Kathi has been a global nomad right from the start. Raised in Africa and Europe she also lived in China studying mandarin and oriental painting, and later studied film in New York. Currently she lives between Colombia and New York. 

Her projects are achieved by collaborating with people from all over the world in all mediums of expression. By drawing inspiration from the world’s constant evolution, and by challenging the boundaries of film and dance, she approaches the deep wells of our subconscious behavior, and attempt to expose our species destiny through ritual, performances or films. The trance and intuitive movements of these rituals become a matter of fact. 


Links to Additional Information  

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