Our Orthodox: “You’re only wasting your time, you’re only making her cry”

Excerpt from “O Brother”

What use is a song written by a sinner
That won’t save himself from ruining what fell
From the hem of the garment she was wearing
When she saved him from a lonely sort of hell?

And if he’s no more the wiser when living
In the light all men are looking for since birth
Then it’s so sad ‘cause his horizon’s ever dimming
Into a past where he was something more of worth

I revel in the Conor Oberst vox and these penetrating lyrics with enough ambiguity to keep me returning again and some more.  Mixed metaphors with Biblical imagery and a longing for hard fought truth or maybe that special girl, maybe even both.  What a delight for this listener to reflect on the passion of another pilgrim’s travels.

Our Orthodox – O Brother

Our Orthodox – Our Orthodox

Our Orthodox is the project of Neal Harris, a 26 year-old Pacific Northwestern songwriter and 3 year resident of Los Angeles. Self-titled “Our Orthodox” takes the perspective of a young man whose own distaste for religion conflicts with his love for a genuinely spiritual girl. Pitting cynicism, romanticism and hope against each other; over the course of the album his state of mind gradually becomes transformed by loneliness, and he begins to suspect that he would rather just remain in different and in love than defiant and alone. All songs on Our Orthodox were written and produced by Neal Harris



~ by castleqwayr on May 27, 2010.

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