New Idea Society – Quiet Prism EP

New Idea Society – Autumn You

New Idea Society – Twilight, Dusk, and Night

The first track, “Autumn You”, is from the band’s upcoming full-length release, which will drop later this year.  The other tracks on the Quiet Prism EP are primarily synthesizer-based;  Mike Law and the rest of the band experienced a debilitating crash on the Autobahn in Germany in 2008, and Mike was unable to play guitar for several months (and so, chose to write on the synthesizer).

Quiet Prism is an update on the band’s progress, and shows the exploration of a more electronic direction than what you’ll hear on their full length.


After such positive feedback from the pre-release of these new songs we have decided to add one more track to the collection and make it into an EP.  This is how we originally envisioned it but for various reasons didn’t think it was logistically possible.  It is possible!  The Quiet Prism EP will be released digitally right around June 1st and will now contain 5 tracks, including a track not previously released called “Twilight, Dusk, and Night”.  It is perhaps the most exactly captured mood of any of the new songs.  If it seems like every day the EP and album are growing… it’s because they are!

Think:  dreamy, deliberate, meticulously crafted pop music, spanning a range of styles.

~ by castleqwayr on May 26, 2010.

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