The Good Wives – ‘Songs For White Girls With Body Image Issues’

Thoughful hypnotic alternative music.  Check out their homepage for this reasonably priced release as well as two prior “name your price” album downloads!

The Good Wives – R.I.R.J.H.T. (Songs for White Girls . . .)

The Good Wives – Financial Planning (Same Song Different Era)

The Good Wives – Snow On The Ground (Mamma, Get Your Babies to the Church)

The Good Wives is essentially the solo effort of singer/songwriter Jacob Bruggman, from the Pacific Northwest and have been active since 2005.  However, recordings often feature various friends when committing songs to tape.  On the debut full-lenght, Bruggman enlisted the assistance from Engineer/Producer Matt McMonagle of The Jackson Climb Studios, who not only handled those duties, but also contributed bass guitar, electric guitar, and some keys to the album.  In addition to McMonagle, Nicholas Alexander, who also works at The Jackson Climb Studios, contributed his vocals to the track Cheap Wine. 
Jesse and Luke Williams of Youth Rescue Mission were generous enough to lend their voices to the track Late Night Taxi Cab Blues. 
The record was tracked at a number of locations in Seattle, WA between 2008-2009, all under the aid of the capable staff of The Jackson Climb Studios. 

Jacob Bruggman
The Good Wives
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