Sidechild – You Are The One (making of the video)

Sidechild – You Are The One (making of the video)

Another Heroes Post:   SideChild – Nothing Like Love • June 23, 2009
Sidechild — May 10, 2010 — There was supposed to be a video for my new single here. But since the director turned out to be a talent less hack with horrible taste the video will never see the light of day. Fortunately there was a team on the shoot doing a “behind the scenes” documentary. So instead of the real thing here is the making of the video that was never made.

Thanks to:
Andreas Söderberg
Robin Hofwander

Micke Kå – Production manager
Björn Eriksson – Editor
Mia Bengtsson – makeup
Sanny Thor – makeup
Lisa Kallin
Magnus Götlund
Mark Molnar-Veress
Anders Löfberg
Sandy Arufors
David Gunstad
Jonathan Sjögren
Tiana Rapp
Lucky Mångårda Amor
Natalie Bestone

Pelle @ Lightland

Sound fx from
users: junggle & Timbre

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