The Diamond Center

A Beach House like synth vibe to both the instrumentation and vox.  This is easier to enjoy than B.H. as it is slightly less experimental, more accessable.  Nice work I say!  Give them a spin or two.

The Diamond Center – WTT

The Diamond Center – Bombay Beach

Influenced by their time living in Athens, GA, Brandi Price and Kyle Harris began The Diamond Center’s first album, Claws and Flaws, with a close-knit family of friends from numerous other projects. Feeling the need for further stimulation, they migrated to Lubbock, TX, and were engulfed by the landscape and its surroundings.  The languis-hing, yet prosperous, atmosphere proved fertile for their stream-of-conscious style of writing.  With the addition of Jana Price, Brandi’s sister, they recorded, at home, their second full length, My Only Companion, and self released it to glowing reviews.  On this album, they managed a cohesive body of work that draws upon the melancholy bitterness and the unexpected sweetness of life through haunting vocals, minimalist percussion and layers of reverb drenched, swirling guitars.  With the addition of several Lubbock locals, they intensified what was on the record in their live shows.   With the new line up, including bass, additional drums, and a healthy dose of vehemence and swagger, they scorched a trail across the country in a national tour.

~ by castleqwayr on May 16, 2010.

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