Waterdeep – “In The Middle Of It” (Again)

Waterdeep – (mp3) Tools In The Garage

Waterdeep – (mp3) Happen Every Time

While I’ve  listened occasionally over the last decade to the music of Waterdeep, I have always seemed to miss them at the  Cornerstone Festival in Illinois.  There is depth and creativity to their music that I am now ashamed to say that I was blind to.  Not anymore.  I don’t know from where the Chaffer’s get all of their diverse genre background, but it’s a nice change from most releases these days, which seem to stay too close to one format.  If one tune doesn’t hold your attention, then the next one or two will.  Here are some random thoughts on some of the more impressive tunage from the release In The Middle Of It:

1. Happen Every Time: Incredible intro to the whole, simple and complex

3. Haven’t You Always: Rocker with the heart of a Gypsy Circus

6. Tools In The Garage: Indie stylings with pop energy and a dreamy groove

8. We’re Not Gonna: Another rocker with Tude-a-plenty

9. I’m Gonna Love You: Dreamy-confessional-meloncholy

10. Only One Time: Iron and Wine vibe

13. Rivers Rise: A Lament

Yes this is an excellent release and I will be looking into their back catalog.

“I think we found ourselves more interested in exploring stories than in trying to make a particular point. Creating this record was more like spelunking—groping in the dark and discovering songs by feel more than by sight. We found ourselves approaching the music as listeners more than as writers, following different lyric or melodic trails to see where they would lead. It was a different approach, like discovering something and then offering it to everyone before we even really knew what it was ourselves.”  –Don Chaffer

From Waterdeep Blog: When the heat pump crapped out at our new house, I started researching heating systems. Turns out that one of the big things you have to pay attention to is what they call an efficiency rating. The efficiency rating measures how much energy you’re putting into the heater against how much energy you’re getting out of it. Heads up, it’s never 100%. You always lose some energy.

“We believe in one Lord, Jesus Christ,

the only Son of God,

eternally begotten of the Father,

God from God, Light from Light,

true God from true God,

begotten, not made,

of one Being with the Father.

Through him all things were made.”

-The Nicene Creed

Compliments of inertia, friction, and black holes, everything loses energy. [Author’s confessional note: Truth be told, while I’m confident that inertia and friction play a big role in inefficiency, I’m not so sure about black holes. However, I wanted to throw a little something Einsteinian in there. I’ve got a feeling about that guy. He seems like he ought to be part of this conversation somewhere. Plus, he’s got cool hair.] And because everything loses energy, we all cast about, trying to figure out how to compensate for what’s missing. It’s the way of the earth. [Additional author’s note: we ended up getting the heater repaired under our home warranty. This has temporarily solved the problem, but I’ll have to re-visit it sooner than I’d like, I’m sure.]



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