Sara Watkins – “Never thought we’d get so good at feeling so bad,”

Sara Watkins – Steal Your Heart Away

Sara Watkins – Long Hot Summer Days

There’s a chivalry to the loves that are being offered and sought in the timeless, countrified tales that Watkins pens, as well as the ones she hand-picked to make up this first record. Hers is a puckered and airy voice of such smooth temperature that she sounds as if she could easily be had by the bug, in for it good, as if the heartbreak could be on her like shadflies in an overgrown and damp ditch – brushing them nonchalantly away with hands. The self-titled album brings all of the aspects of hers that were so loved in the Nickel Creek songs where she sang the vocal lead, displaying all of the vulnerability and swooning moonlight into the storylines that slipped into every young heart, corralling their intentions and their every thought. It’s an album of old feelings, being taken on by new participants. And even as she sings, “Never thought we’d get so good at feeling so bad,” the feeling bad isn’t really all that much of a concern. It somehow feels good in and of itself.  Read more and download @

~ by castleqwayr on May 9, 2010.

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