Fredrik’s Concert for Download

Fredrik – Vinterbarn

Fredrik – Ner

Fredrik’s new album, Trilogi, is a bit more restrained than the band’s debut. It’s also stranger and darker. A concept album, it’s broken into three parts, with each part named after fictional locations. There’s “Holm,” which means “frozen forest island”; “Ava,” which means “water through sound”; and “Ner,” which means “inside the underground.” Trilogi is Hultin and Lindfelt’s soundtrack for this imaginary world. They say they wrote the music as they “traveled through the locations” in their minds. They also say they were inspired by the writings of horror and fantasy author H.P. Lovecraft.

But you really don’t need to follow all of that to enjoy the music. Trilogi is simply gorgeous and hypnotic. It’s also very much a studio album, so we were curious to see how Fredrik would pull it off as a Tiny Desk Concert. Lindfelt manned a snare and maraca and triggered odd sounds with a little keyboard, while Hultin strummed guitar and sang. They even offered a stripped-down version of “Black Fur,” that soaring opener to Na Na Ni. It all came together beautifully. From NPR.ORG

Use this Link to Watch the Concert

From NPR.ORG Right Click to Download or Listen

~ by castleqwayr on May 4, 2010.

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