Nick Jania – “Orange trees bloom and wilt with the fortunes that you bring,”

Nick Jaina – MP3 Winding Sheet

The first half of our United States tour went extremely well.  We played 18 shows in 18 nights in the Western states, and every night offered a newly stunning vista, a remarkably great-sounding room, or someone wanting to clean our windshield.  Soon we leave again to play the Eastern half of this country.

Now available from HUSH Records is “A Bird in the Opera House”.  Half this album was written on the sunniest hill in California with seven red-tailed hawks circling overhead.  The other half was written in the middle of a snowstorm in Portland that shut down the city for a week.  The other half was written in a van leaving a Waffle House.

Here are some press highlights:

– a new Daytrotter live session

– a live session on OPB radio

– a great live review from Davis, CA

– a review of the cd release show in Portland

 Also, I have released two new music videos in the past month.

– one for the song Sleep, Child directed by Tim Nelson

– one for the song Days in my Room directed by Melanie Brown

~ by castleqwayr on April 30, 2010.

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