Jakob Dylan & Three Legs: “World is crazy or maybe just holy rollers for love,”

Dylan – here performing with his new band, which includes the incredible Neko Case and Kelly Hogan – sings about living in these spots where the great instability is as stable as we’ve learned to deserve. The insanity that draws us near couldn’t feel any more natural and when he sings on “Holy Rollers For Love,” “With battle songs filling their lungs/Move them out down under the sun/Give them tears for cherry red blood/Stack them old, we cradle them young/World is crazy or maybe just holy rollers for love,” we throw ourselves out the window with him, for a good flight is all. It’s a song, much like “Nothing But The Whole Wide World,” that feels like the longest drive that we’ve come to believe we never want to see end. We’re okay with just digging in and adjusting our seating when we start to lose a bit of feeling again.  Read more and Download by Right Clicking

Jakob Dylan Free Daytrotter Concert

~ by castleqwayr on April 30, 2010.

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