Chris Burton Jácome – LEVANTO

Chris Burton Jácome Reinterprets a Tradition in the Spanish Southwest

There is an imbued joy and deep sadness in the very best of Spanish music—strongly heard and felt in Flamenco—and culture.   I would like to sit down someday at an ocean-front taverna and ask Chris about his own journey and those experiences both warmly beautiful and inspiring and those that have caused him the greatest grief and self-reflection.  If my humble theory is correct about the origins of Flamenco centered on the personal experiences of the performers, then more of us should trade in our season tickets and cable subscriptions for a comfortable pair of dance shoes or a delicately crafted Jose Ramirez Flamenco guitar. ¡Ole!

Levanto – Esperanza (Bulerías)

Chris Burton Jácome started playing guitar in the 80s in Arizona and, like many guitar players of the time, wanted to be the next Eddie Van Halen…until he heard flamenco guitarist Gerardo Nuñez on the radio. From that point on it was nothing but flamenco.

After learning from some of the greats in Spain, Jácome returned to Phoenix to create a new American tradition of classic flamenco. His new album LEVANTO is a studio adaptation of an original full-length flamenco performance (complete with dancers and palmas) by CALO FLAMENCO, a touring music and dance ensemble.

Today, when Jácome performs his traditional flamenco he transports audience members to their ancestral past, real or imagined. But he is not fooling himself or his audiences into believing his music is rigorously authentic. LEVANTO (“I rise”) signals a new flight path for an old tradition.

~ by castleqwayr on April 28, 2010.

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