We Found a Lovebird! – Chilled and Inspired

Chimingly harmonic even in the slower numbers (see> ‘The Lament & I Need a Good Drunk), but best represented in ‘O Avenue Park’ & ‘Concertina.’  Some tunes have a feel of a 60’s French Film, owing possibly to the muted trumpet background.  These songs are for a Friday night chilling in a peaceful home with a good book of letters from your favorite author. 

Quench your thirst and lean back; the evening has just begun.

We Found a Lovebird! – 0 Avenue Park MP3

We Found a Lovebird! – Hand It To Hollywood MP3

We Found a Loverbird! – The_Lament MP3

Download their 5 song EP or a slightly older 2 song album here:



A band that takes its name from a posted announcement found along a waterfront promenade could be dismissed like so many other signs for found pets, purses and mobile phones. Who takes the time out of their busy lives to print and post these messages of hopeful reunion? Do people even read these things?

Let’s not forget that without a lost bird there is no sign, and the sign’s optimism loses its resonance without the disinterested passerby. Fragile and fleeting, it is informed by tragedy and disregard. Yet someone has to take notice or the sign is not read; the bird is not found.

Likewise, an interaction of intent and meaning are present in We Found a Lovebird’s music. Moments of lyrical sunshine are counterparts to darkness and pathos.

Thank heaven for those bound for hell.
Thank God it’s never easy to tell.
Who’s hanging on and who just fell?

So where does this leave us? Are we flying free and lost, or trapped but found? To work out our complicity in this equation, we must take the time to read the signs. This Bird belongs to everyone.


~ by castleqwayr on April 27, 2010.

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