The Choir – New CD Almost here . . .

I think I have all of The Choir CDs except “lovesongs and prayers,” but I do have the cd case.  When I gave away my 6 cartridge CD player, I stupidly left it in! Ughh! 

From their website ( these free gifts:

Easter gift – free song download with sheet music and full radio special

Happy Easter. We truly hope you have a special Easter weekend and this free music plays a role in providing you with inspiration, reflection and hope as you go into Good Friday through Easter Sunday.

Start by enjoying “Beautiful Scandalous Night” by The Choir from their Flap Your Wings CD.
“BSN” download:
Sheet music with chords and lyrics so you can learn it for church:
Page 1:
Page 2:

“Relaxing & Soothing”

A bit longer of a download but here’s three segments and a couple songs from a radio special that the record company produced for At The Foot Of The Cross. It features Phil Maderia doing he narration.
Segment 1:
Segment 2:
Segment 3:
Radio single “Forgive Us”:

Radio single “Why Have You Forsaken Me”:
That’s it – share this with your friends. Tweet about it…post it, link to this page. Give the gift of music with a message this weekend.
The Choir 

Two free Choir song downloads

 Not new Choir songs, but a rare ones indeed. “Follow Me” and “Noon ’til Whenever” was recorded as bonus songs for The Choir’s boxed set (Never Say Never) that came out some years ago. We were talking about it the other night in the studio and it was suggested that not many have had the chance to hear these songs and to offer it was a free download. So, here it is – we hope you enjoy it. Follow this link for Follow Me:

 and this one for Noon ’til Whenver

See this post for more info and contact:

The Choir in the Studio – New CD Coming

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