Jungol – Over the Sun & Under the Radar

There is something raw about Jungol.  I think they really like it best live and unfettered from the studio process.  Most tunes on this CD have highs and lows and like the description below, it is complex and often loud. The song ‘LA Possum’ reminds me of a time many years back when my brother came home late through the back side door.  He thought a cat was sitting on our cinder-block wall and he thought he might give it a pat.  It turned out to be an opossum and with teeth and claws barred it freaked my bro out and to this day he likely takes a second look!  Yes an opossum, and it was in LA – a Los Angeles suburb city called Torrance – though these band mates from Georgia are likely thinking of Louisiana!  

Jungol – Two People MP3

Jungol – LA Possum MP3

Jungol, comprised of two brothers and one long-time friend, have created a sound that is a clear standout in the realm of experimental rock. Sometimes moody and ethereal, sometimes loud and complex, Jungol’s music stretches across a landscape of emotions while focused on well-crafted songs with engaging vocals.

The band is releasing their sophomore album Over the Sun and Under the Radar on April 30 in Atlanta.  The LP showcases Jungol’s renewed vision of more concise songs with prominent vocals. It also demonstrates their passion for creating new sounds through the use of samplers, synths, glockenspiel, field recordings and string arrangements.  Check out the first single from the album, entitled “Two People,” and please feel free to post up wherever you see fit!



~ by castleqwayr on April 26, 2010.

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  1. From the title it shows you can’t overreach after all.

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