Changing Horses – Midstream Pratfalls

Pretty engaging biz this ‘Changing Horses.’  All the frenetic drama of Arcade Fire, but minus a few members. Fascinating artistry here!  Sometimes a rider needs to change horses, but is ever watchful of the pratfalls and currents when disengaging midstream.  This is anything but mainstream and may they find nourishment and inspiration in the course of their travels.

Changing Horses – Cut All Strings MP3

Changing Horses – ‘Till Death MP3

According to, the Preston, England based Changing Horse’s debut The Nashville Sessions conjures the image of “a veritable curiosity shop…a place where Kate Bush serves behind the counter, The Incredible String Band stock the shelves, then add David Byrne sweeping up and you’ve got a fair idea.”  That’s quite the mental image to etch out, but somehow it sums up Changing Horses.

 Produced by Chris Donohue (Vigilantes of Love, Elvis Costello, Emmylou Harris, Ben Folds) & Stephen Leiweke (Jars of Clay, Chris Sligh, Fundamental Elements) The Nashville Sessions mixes obscure folk, indie rock and hauntingly bizarre ballads.  Changing Horses has already had their track “Cut All Strings,” featured on an HBO documentary, been featured on MySpace Mars Planet’s Radio “Track of the Week” with “Cut All Strings,”  as well as have been played on Steve Lamacq’s “6Extra” show and have been the listener’s choice on Steve Lamacq’s Radio 2 show.  They have stunned audiences during the summer of 2009’s music festivals which include Fell Foot Wood, Kendal Calling and Solfest.  They also completed a successful tour across Spain in March of 2010.
Now they are ready to make their mark across the pond.

~ by castleqwayr on April 25, 2010.

2 Responses to “Changing Horses – Midstream Pratfalls”

  1. Fantastic! Thanks Ron!

    Mixtus Media

  2. Love this band. Witty, complex, interesting lyrically and very very talented musically.

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