Freelance Whales – Free Ghost Songs

Freelance Whales – Starring MP3

Freelance Whales – Generator Second Floor MP3

Freelance Whales – Ghosting MP3

They gathered around a small handful of microphones – a minimal set-up for an acoustic set unlike any they’d ever performed before. It fought the elements and battled with relative sanctity to produce a four-song set that had all in attendance twice as silent as they had been planning on being coming into the room. They couldn’t bear not hearing what the band from Queens, N.Y., was doing. Much of it cut through, but the majority of it will be heard by those in attendance for the first time on these recordings, restored to how the four young men and one young woman were actually sounding as they pointed themselves and their instruments hopefully at those few microphones. Dadone’s intricate stories, more like those childhood-oriented memoirs that Arcade Fire’s Win Butler put on “Funeral,” and the group’s gooey and outrageously well put together arrangements and five-part harmonies, shine through without evidence of hardship.

Read more and download all at: Daytrotter

Freelance Whales Official Site
Frenchkiss Records

~ by castleqwayr on April 24, 2010.

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