New Mommyheads Track(s) for Free

Two Additional Tracks for Your Pleasure

Mommyheads – Spiders MP3

Mommyheads – Henry Miller is Dead

Track 6 off The Mommyheads’ 1994 classic “Flying Suit” entitled “Worm” 

The Album release date is May 18

The Mommyheads – Worm MP3

Dromedary Records owner Al Crisafulli says that he knew Flying Suit was a great album, but when Magnet wrote “…thinking person’s pop, neither irritatingly intellectual or dauntingly progressive; they never forget the power of the solid backbeat and a great melody. And man, they rock onstage,” he began to realize how fortunate he was to have met these guys.  And, as they toured the country, jumping on and off tour legs with the likes of The Posies and Guided By Voices, they won new fans everywhere they went.
This release might very well be the greatest indie reissue of 2010.  Not only are all the track remastered beautifully, but the album also includes three tracks that weren’t on the original release: “Over,” “Box,” and “Day Job.”  The Mommyheads will launch their rereleased CD with several NYC area shows followed by a limited tour in Europe for the spring of 2010, so be on the lookout for dates as they become firmed up.

And don’t forget to check out the story behind the 1994 release of “Flying Suit” on Dromedary Records’ blog.  Owner Al Crisafulli tells the tale in his own words here:

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