Battle Flags – A Higher Standard

There is a nice synth sensibility to these songs.  A quite moodiness not unlike Conor Oberst, but quite unique and they are also lacking the pretension of the genre.  I hear many instruments and percussive elements as mentioned in the bio, but they have a textured and sampled feel to them.  This does not detract from the artistry, but merely fuses the parts into a whole, not unlike a chamber orchestra.

Battle Flags – Evergreens MP3

Quick Bio
Battle Flags, the moniker for artist Jack Budd, began as a project in stencil graffiti in an 8×10 room in Richmond, Virginia. The meticulously pieced album Color Engine is its harrowing result. Recorded in his bedroom while attending music school at VCU, it is menage of rhythms stolen from pots, pans, shovels, empty kegs and living room chairs. Budd’s raspy delivery is as much calming as it is haunting. As versatile and mysterious as its author, the album carries the mood of a smoky, latenight tango, lazy naps on a southern porch, or a sobering stroll through a haunted tool shed. And if that weren’t tantalizing enough, the listener is then black-bagged and dragged along to a Caribbean barbeque. Every possible piece of each instrument is utilized, much the way a French chef would appreciate the often overlooked uses of a pork shoulder. It is a beautifully-crafted work by an unbelievably deserving artist hungry to create.

more music can be listened to and purchased at, iTunes, emusic, rhapsody.

~ by castleqwayr on April 21, 2010.

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