Sean Hayes: ‘I’m your man/Freeze the reflection from the glass’

002-One Day The River.MP3

006-A Thousand Tiny Pieces.MP3

If we’re led to believe anything from the photograph on the cover of San Francisco songwriter Sean Hayes’ new album, “Run Wolves Run,” it’s that we can feel one thousand different emotions at once. And that we’re lovers of all that is danger, as well as being protectors of the utmost integrity and caliber. The sepia-toned image is one that looks to be an old memory from a scrapbook – something that had been torn and forgotten about once or twice before, but has thusly been recovered through some odd piece of luck and hoarding. It’s someone as a younger person and those are always more valuable, for they quickly become the distant, distant past. We tend to cling to those photos more, thinking to ourselves, “She had her whole life in front of her at that point.” This photograph shows what seems to be a vicious dog, being tackled by a plainly gorgeous young woman. The dog has its fangs – all of them, every single tooth and much of its gums – bared in an angry snarl. It looks absolutely menacing, as if at any second it would freak out even more, feeling trapped and scared, attain super strength in its hind-quarters and just kick out and attack without mercy, tearing the beautiful, angelic face of the somewhat unassuming woman from her bones. Read more and download Concert:

Sean Hayes Official Site

~ by castleqwayr on April 20, 2010.

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