Facts on File – Keep it Together 7″

Bio=Facts on File are based in L.A. but formed in 2006 in San Francisco. The three-piece indie rock band crafts songs that modernize 60’s garage-rock rhythms with overtones of Talking Heads, The Cars, or even an updated Suicide or a synth-free Devo. The lead vocals and songwriting style of singer & bassist, Joseph White are influenced by early Rock and R&B. Guitarist/keyboardist Shannon Lay contributes a post-punk influence to the sound with her rhythmic style. Molly “Flash” Durkin plays drums with a creative and minimal style. 

F-o-F   Keep It Together MP3

F-o-F   Treat Me Right MP3 

Joseph White moved to San Francisco from Brooklyn, NYC in 2005. While writing songs for his electro-pop duo (The Somnambulants), White set aside a few songs that were better suited for an indie-rock group. White soon met with drummer Molly Durkin (another fairly recent NYC transplant), forming the foundation for Facts on File. 

In 2009, Facts on File officially moved to Los Angeles. Shortly after, Facts on File won 3rd place in the Dickie’s Battle of the Bands competition at SXSW. 

Heroes take on this mad mash-up is that this all came about from a lab mishap during the Human Genome Project Part 1. Part 1 took place years before the successful work completed in the 1990’s.  You see what happened was a sleep-deprived intern named Megan crashed her test tube cart into a glass cabinet filled with lively beekers of DNA.  This DNA came from the remarkable samples of Alec Ounsworth, David Byrne and Kate Pierson.  The short story is the collision and resulting new DNA became the basis for the members of Facts on File.  They were genetically disposed to create this music that makes me smile and shake-a-leg to these carefree and joyful tunes.  

Keep it Together” is available on classic 45RPM vinyl. It’s only $5 plus $2 for shipping and comes with a digital version of our 4-song EP. Click the link below to purchase a copy. We’ll ship you the record and email you a coupon code.


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