Bill Mallonee – WPA Vol 7: Eternal Dawn & Gloaming


Bill Mallonee – All I Need Tonight To Last MP3 (WPA 7)

These WPA releases are coming out fast and furious and almost unbelievably, seem to improve with each new one.  Since these are MP3 download only, I recommend purchasing MULTIPLE releases at a time, and then burning to a CD for listening flexibility: either in the car, working on the computer or making burgers on the grill for a hungry parade of neighbors and family chilling on the deck out back.  If you ever get a chance to see Bill and Muriah live at venue in your area, please do not miss them.

WPA 7 All the WPA’s thus far have been progressions; This one’s more electric and jangle-y; a lotta attitude on these neo/Americana rockers. The “sleeper song” here is Muriah Rose’s “Grace Notes,” a song she wrote about a night in Wyoming. A pure treat and the best song she’s written. Incredible vocals, phrasing and playing on her part. On the heartbreak side, “Lost My Only Friend” might be the best ballad i’ve ever written. Enjoy!

Here is from Bill’s Myspace page:

 About Works Progress Administration
The important stuff first.Influences: The open road, grace, guitars (loud), guitars (old); folk-rock,country, neo-folk, psychedelia, old books and magazines, Bible, espresso, St. Francis of Assisi, wood-fire, Bushmills, micro-brews, Ireland, heart-ache, heartbreak, heart spake, screaming August big sky sunsets, guards down, your sweet holy struggle, lumps in the throat… & Muriah RoseAll WPA volumes are available for download only at VOLsounds. There are 6 volumes to date.Pertinent info:Listen to more music at MySpace/billmallonee. All older and newer works available at Lyrics and history at, peace and blessings,

bill mallonee

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