Drink Up Buttercup – Grand, Epic Mess . . .

Lead singer James Harvey takes the approach that these are things beyond our control and there are abnormalities that  are just as uncontrollable. On this brief, two-song session, the coupling couldn’t be much better, with the album track, “Gods and Gentlemen,” preceding an unreleased song, “One Big Organ,” offering us a version of the grand, epic mess of the Gods getting the better of us and then dealing with a self-imposed handicap, when love or the penis makes us idiots. Harvey sings on “Gods and Gentlemen” about the gods spying on the poor saps down on the ground, making it gaming to place bets on who’s gonna turn out rotten and who might have a chance of make out alright. They don’t seem to leave much up to chance, preferring to believe in genetics and destiny taking the wheel and throwing the vehicles into the ditches with swift yankings.

Some studio tunes:  Young Ladies     Sosey & Dosey

Two Song Opus and More of the Above Daytrotter  Text:  http://www.daytrotter.com/dt/drink-up-buttercup-concert/20031207-3737890.html



~ by castleqwayr on April 16, 2010.

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