Velvet Davenport – Off the Couch and Get Groovin!

Velvet Davenport are an “interestingly weirdo, backward-glancing psychedelic Minneapolis sextet” (Stereogum, February 2010). In 2009, the band issued a pair of tape releases, the first in June titled Happy Ending, followed by “Lemon Drop Square Box” in September. Their “Get Out” b/w “Run” 7” will be released in early Spring on Shdwply.

Velvet Davenport – Drop

Velvet Davenport – Get Out

Velvet Davenport – Run

Velvet Davenport makes the kind of lovelorn and smitten stoner rock and roll that groups of boys make when they’ve nothing better to do and they’ve chosen instruments and artistic creativity as the way they’d like to fill their time. It all has a feeling of breezy sloppiness in the way that Buddy Holly, had he lived another 10 years and gotten through the Woodstock era, would have started sounding like, stopping everyone in their tracks and making them applaud his new direction and reinvention. The band’s newest cassette tape “Lemon Drop Square Box,” and even more particularly, the song, “Bonnie Brooks,” from the band’s forthcoming full-length record, are full of sounds that get smattered together over the course of warm months that are gone lickety split, torn out of the margins and left for smoke. It’s fun and mostly unserious, exploring crushes and moon dances, with trippy lyrics quoting the sun: “If I was the sun, I’d tell everyone, “Close your eyes,” and treating a potential fling with other-worldly sweetness, “Do I need to sing more gently to your heavenly ear?” It’s “Donna” sped up and told through the haze of narcotics, not root beers and sundaes.

Read more and download concert now at:

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