William Fitzsimmons – Bless Your Branches


The music that Fitzsimmons makes is the kind that swells with the makings of new life and new love – sometimes found in startling places, but more often than not, it comes where we’ve seen it before, like the ends of those trees. We know to look in certain spots for the love and life that we’ve been groomed on and he sings all of these feelings in a light Sam Beam way, giving us the sensation of a warm lemonade being sipped at nightfall with a nearby forest full of fireflies and crickets creating a beautiful opera. He sings about the old times that already have transfixed emotions attached to them – as if they’ve been commemorated as some precious example to be striven for repeatedly – the pinnacle to be reached again, if at all possible. He sings about old loves in a way that leaves them constantly and continually burning, giving them ample opportunity to sprout buds again. Even when he sings, “We will love again, but just not each other,” we’re not convinced that the feelings of either lover have been swept completely under the rug or out the door. They’re lingering, like dust, like a dormant tree, to jump alive sometime again. When that will be is less predictable than a spring thaw, but no less thrilling. Read more at daytrotter article/concert below.

Free Daytrotter W. Fitzsimmons Concert:


~ by castleqwayr on April 12, 2010.

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