April Showers – You Must Try These Bands

Browsing the internet highway I discovered some bands and artists unknown to this listener.  Found  were: Rupublic of Wolves, Kevin Devine, Tigers on Trains, Brand New and Phoenix.

Now before you tell me that these are well known to you, there may be one or more on this list that you might want or need to experience right now.

Republic of Wolves

Republic of Wolves – MP3 For His Old Branches

The Republic of Wolves is a 5-piece rock band from Eastern Long Island consisting of Christian Van Deurs, Mason Maggio, Gregg Andrew Dellarocca, Billy Duprey and Chris Wall. We have just finished self-recording our first studio EP, entitled “His Old Branches.” It will be available to buy on iTunes within the first half of December, and some physical copies will be available soon after.

If you’d like to contact The Republic of Wolves, our email address is therepublicofwolves@gmail.com

Online: Myspace.com/TheRepublicOfWolves


Kevin Devine

 Kevin Devine – MP3 Carnival

Currently, Kevin is touring in Germany from February to March and will then tour Australia alongside Brand New throughout March. He will also play the Sunday dates of both the 2010 Coachella and Bamboozle Festivals.

He has begun performing some new songs (one currently titled “You Wouldn’t Have To Ask” [12]), which Kevin confirmed, while on his solo acoustic tour in April 2010, would appear on the album recorded with Manchester Orchestra (as the band “Bad Books”). From Wiki


Two Concerts here:  http://www.daytrotter.com

Tigers on Trains

Tigers on Trains is a two-piece indie-folk band consisting of Christian Van Deurs and Mason Maggio. We are both from Eastern Long Island and have been playing music together since high school. We’ve released several self-recorded EPs, all of which you can download for free from this blog, and have just finished recording our first studio album with our friend Gregg Andrew Dellarocca. The CD will be available online some time in September and we hope that you will show your support for us by purchasing it. Since we are not signed to a label and our college lives make it difficult to tour, we rely mostly on the internet and word of mouth to spread our music. So please, if you enjoy our music, tell all your friends and do anything you can to promote us. We truly appreciate it.

Three LP/EP Free Downloads @



 Brand New

 Brand New – MP3 Play Crack the Sky

 2009 saw Brand New’s fourth release of the decade, the dark, dense and stripped down Daisy. Never seeming to be wholly content with their sound and always striving to make different records the band crafted an album that upon first listen felt like a re-visited 90’s alternative album that had nothing in common with the lilting and thoughtful songs found on Devil and God.  Text and millions more MP3 to download at: http://tinyurl.com/ya2kv87





Phoenix – MP3 Fences(TheSoftPackremix) 

In early 2009, it was announced that the band was returning with a new album titled Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix, which was released on May 25, 2009[3]. The album was recorded in Paris by Cassius’s Philippe Zdar who co-produced and mixed the album.[4] The track “1901“, a tribute to early Paris, was released on February 23, 2009, as a free download prior to the release of the first single, and aired for the first time on Australian radio station Triple J.

Their track “1901” was used for the theatrical trailer of the film New York, I Love You and has been featured in commercials for the 2010 Cadillac SRX. “Lisztomania” was used in trailers for Where The Wild Things Are, Alice in Wonderland and Valentine’s Day. It was also used in the season premiere of Cougar Town, an episode from the first season of USA Network‘s Royal Pains, and was also featured in the season six finale of HBO‘s Entourage. An excerpt from “Love Like a Sunset” can be heard in the Ghost Town episode of the tenth CSI:Crime Scene Investigation season. This instrumental of this song is also used in the 606 football podcast on BBC 5 live. From Wiki 


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