Julianna Barwick – New Asthmatic Kitty

Julianna’s music had us at the first layer, which is saying something because there are oh-so many of them to discover in her music. But probably no guitars. Maybe. Anyway, no matter: it was her SXSW performance that sealed the deal for us, an enveloping magic that makes you want to close your eyes and lay down, letting her music envelop you.

Julianna has mentioned something about an upcoming album, which of course we are anxiously waiting to release. Having just played a few sets at SXSW and with the Clogs in Brooklyn (her current homeborough), she is now departing for the WE ALL OWE Tour with label-mate Roberto Lange (who will be performing as both Epstein and Helado Negro) and friend of the label Jonathan Dueck. On tour she will be collaborating with Roberto and Jonathan to create another new album assembled from their experiences with each other and those they meet along the way. See tour dates here. In May she tours again, this time with Eluvium.

Record label M’Lady’s will be reissuing her very first album Sanguine on vinyl soonish. Asthmatic Kitty will release the collaborative tour album and a new solo album later this year, early next. But in the meantime you can purchase her recent Florine EP from iTunes for ~$6 here. Read more about Julianna here.

“Cloudbank” Florine (Download)



~ by castleqwayr on April 8, 2010.

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