Essie Jain – Gentle & Beautiful in One Package

Essie Jain – Lay Down (daytrotter MP3)

The mailman brought forth, in a padded, yellow envelope, the newest album from English singer-songwriter Essie Jain – a mesmerizing writer who now calls New York City her home, with her husband – an eight-song collection that’s a soothing balm of fairy dust and sandy eyelids. Jain sings on “Falling Asleep,” The rabbit folds his ears/The mouse, he twitches his nose/The cat, he curls his tail and this is how we know/That they’re falling asleep,” and we’re happily willing to take that warm milk into our mouths and curl up with a blanket, feeling like we’ve packed away a solid day’s worth of activity or nothingness, whichever it may have been. The songs on “Until The Light Of Morning,” are surrounded by the nurturing feel of a mother or father with a child, sitting in a rocking chair and just holding on even after the young one’s drifted completely off into slumber-land, just not wanting to let go, staring at the sleeping creature, stymied by what they’re actually holding, this innocent, heavy breather.

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~ by castleqwayr on April 7, 2010.

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